Great Goals players are Competitive and Compassionate, Disciplined and Adaptable, Driven and Respectful. They embody the spirit and values of Sportsmanship.

The Great Goals Trust Annual Report for 20-21

We are so proud to present the Annual Report of the Great Goals Trust for 2020-21 – a pandemic year in which we made such a meaningful and valuable contribution in reaching sports to young children and keeping the active. Since 2018 , we have gradually increased the programming, and especially this past year, kept going despite the pandemic, reaching so many with innovative methods. Read on…

FOOTBALL (for 4-16 yrs. )

FOOTBALL (for 4-16 yrs. )

Building strong skills and tactical thinking along with holistic development of players

BASKET BALL (for 8-16yrs.)

BASKET BALL (for 8-16yrs.)

Developing ball control and teamwork through a progressive training curriculum



Training the younger players in the ABC's of sport- Agility, Balance and Coordination

As of 2018, Great Goals has been accredited by the All India Football Federation (AIFF).


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Thank You for the Friday Family Challenge online!

I wanted to express the bonding between my son and me through fun day family challenge.
Past few month, every Friday excitement builds up on the breakfast table, “baba(as the kids call me) today is Friday, we have great goals funday. You will be my partner. I’ve told Pavithra ma’am, Navas Sir and Naresh sir, my father is going to play with me.” Countdown towards 4.00pm, room set, iPad charged, clothes taken out and kept ready, ball cleaned and rested in a corner. Hey, it’s 4.0 clock we are ready for action.
Shouts over zoom, good afternoon coaches, excitement, giggles and pent up energy . Ready to begin our session.Warm up , instructional fun games and ball mastery WOW !!!😊😊😊Lot of exercise ( GG makes u realise how physical activity is so vital for mental relaxation and efficient work productivity.)
Camraderie between me and Ajitesh, the sulk when coaches say,”great work sir”, come on baba we must do more no of sole taps, sole roll.
So much to look forward to every week .Thank you  Priya and Sandhya and all your superb talented coaches  they connect so personally with every child) for extending such a wonderful time, cherished memories which I wouldn’t get time for in my working hours being a doctor.
Ajitesh and Aarna absolutely enjoy their sessions.
Keep soaring higher.
Stay safe Stay happy.

Parent of Ajitesh and Aarna

Virtual Classes are Brilliant!

The virtual classes through Zoom is working great!
I am happy that the lock-down has been a blessing in disguise for it has given an opportunity to focus very closely and develop one of the most fundamental of footballing skills – ball control. I am sure, the children are going to be better players when they get on the field.
The way the Great Goals coaches and management/ staff have conceived and planned this program is BRILLIANT, to say the least!
And, you have done it in the least possible time as well – creative, goal-oriented, design thinking at its best. Keep it up!
Kudos to you all
Parent of Raghuveer

It’s an excellent avenue to play, learn and carve their individuality

Parent of Ishaan

Great Goals has made them very well rounded youngsters! Great Goals will always be a part of them, no matter how old they get….

Parent of Saadhana and Vikhram

Great Goals started with an initiative, “just for girls” football classes. This had encouraged my daughter to proceed further in sports and transformed her to be open and bold in and outside the field. Now, Great Goals allow girls to train in the same batch with boys. This, in turn, improved her style of playing. I truly appreciate the founders of this initiative and wish them all success for future endeavors

Parent of Sanjana

They have a high level of coaching with dedicated coaches. Great Goals has instilled a great amount of discipline & dedication which plays a key role in the development of the child. They gave the children a chance to travel & play matches on external turfs. Few institutes like these takes kids from under privileged backgrounds  & give them equal opportunities.

Parent of Arjun

Great Goals helped my son to build enough confidence through sport with friendly coaching, well-maintained environment, and good support staff

Parent of Nikhil

Developing the Right Attitude

They are professional in training the students to develop the right attitude in playing sports

Parent of Neil and Mathew

I love great goals classes because they are lots of fun !! Our coaches are fun and teach us in a friendly way, So we learn most of the skills fast.


I am so happy to have chosen Great Goals for my daughter. I listened to the webinar and got to understand the perspectives of the technical director of Great Goals and the gender neutral approach at all levels.

Parent of Niveditha

My son simply loves his classes and enjoys every minute that he spends there.

Parent of Ved

I have watched many of these boys grow from little ones into strapping awesome athletes and young men that I have the honour to know and watch.
Thank you Great Goals for running such a program that keeps football and our boys as top priority.

Parent of Rahul and Aryaan

Great Goals offers a safe and professional training program for my son

Parent of Vihaan