What is Great Goals?

Great Goals is a child-friendly sports program.Our mission “Where Skills Meet Fun" is to offer high quality sports training in a safe and fun environment. The program has been running since January 2013 and offers Football, Basketball and Multi-Sport training.

Our programs are based on:

  • Age appropriate learning
  • What a child looks for when (s)he plays a sport
  • Recreational as well as competitive play
  • What a parent looks for when (s)he sends a child to any program

What are the different programs?

Great Goals offers three sports programs – Football, Basketball and Multi-Sport across age groups.


Football Programs are offered from ages 4 – 16 at the beginner, intermediate and Elite Skill Level. In this class children are placed in U-6, U-7, U-9, U-11, U-13 and U-16 age groups. The Development ( Team) Program is for U-9 and older and is based on Selections.


Basketball Programs are offered for 7-16 year olds at the beginner and intermediate skill level. In this class, children are grouped into U-9, U-11, U-13 and U-16. classes as per their age.


Multi-Sport Program is for children aged 3-4 in which kids learn the ABC’S – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed. In this age-appropriate multi-sport program, coaches work with layered levels of difficulty with every age. The objective is that every child in the program learns to catch and throw, run, skip, bounce, and kick.

For more program specific details please visit Program

Where can my child come to play? Where are your classes offered?

You can find that information here: Locations

Please email or call us for more information about classes offered in each location.

Can my child play in more than one location?

We encourage children to play at the same location on all playing days. However, we understand that there are competing schedules. We will consider a child playing across locations on a case by case basis.

Participation in the in-house league can be only at one location.

How much do you charge?

The first time you register with Great Goals, we charge a one-time registration fee.

Our training fee is for a term. This fee is subject to change and will be communicated to you when you register.

In addition, every player at Great Goals needs to wear a Great Goals uniform. This uniform charge will be communicated to you at the time of registration.

Why are your sessions for a term?

A term is a good window for a beginner to pick up the basics of the game and for intermediate players to show improvement. It is also a good window for a child to try-out the sport. Some terms are 12 weeks and some terms can be 16 weeks.

We run a shorter summer session.

What is Great Goals Regular program/ What do they do in each class?

All kids sign up to the regular program at the beginning of the season. There is an overall emphasis on improving skills, fitness and endurance through the season.

Each class is structured based on the age and skill level of players. Every child plays at least two days a week. Every child in Great Goals receives the maximum level of training and coaching that the child can absorb.Our commitment is to all players, improving, progressing and having fun, regardless of the program – regular or development- that they are in.

For younger players (under 7), the sessions seek to improve co-ordination, motor skills, teamwork, listening skills and sporting discipline while having fun.
For players over 8 years old, training is designed to improve 4 dimensions: Physical (Agility/ Fitness/ Endurance), Mental, Tactical (ability to be strategic) and Technical (Skill).

What is Development (Team) Program?

Great Goals Development (Team) football program is for 8-16 years olds SELECTED, from among the children registered every session, by the coaches to receive more intense coaching. This group, typically comprises children who are ready to commit more time and energy to skill training of a higher order. Players need to dedicate the time, have the aptitude and appetite for competition. Attendance is compulsory for all Team training sessions. Children in this group train atleast 4 times a week and play matches in addition to this training.

How does one get into the Development (Team) program?

Players will be SELECTED for the Development ( Team)program based on their performance and attitude. If your child is selected, Great Goals will communicate with you about your child’s ability to commit to the schedule.

Children in this group have to play at LEAST 4 days a week for training. They will be required to be available for external matches and tournaments. When Great Goals plays in a tournament, they commit to represent only Great Goals at these tournaments, even if they play with other teams (except school).

If my child does not make it to the Development ( Team) Program initially, does he/she have any chance of making it?

We recognise that players will progress and improve over time. Coaches assess player performance throughout the season.

We also understand that players may be unable to commit to the training schedule at one time and may be able to in other seasons.

What is the “LEAGUE”?

The League is an in-house competition which typically runs in the last few weeks of a regular term . Players are divided into teams that play each other. The League is usually the highlight of the term and we notice that players improve their skills, their team work and match play. Players receive awards for performance, attitude, skill improvement.

Who are the Coaches?

Our coaches, many of whom have coaching licenses, are young, energetic and passionate about football and basketball. They are also active players in Chennai’s many clubs in the league, or continue to play at the Seniors level.

Visit our coaches page for more information.

What is your uniform policy? Why do players need to be in uniform?

Every Great Goals player has to wear uniform for every class. This is to ensure their group identity and safety. When players represent Great Goals, players have to be in the Great Goals uniform.

Why do you need ID cards?

Player safety is our number one concern and ID cards help our field staff ensure that the child is going home with an authorized adult. Yes, even parents need to carry ID cards. A school ID is sufficient, but we are also happy to issue Great Goals ID cards. If you would like a Great Goals ID Card, please give us a current passport photo of your child.

Are Football / Basketball shoes mandatory?

Coaches will recommend what is appropriate for the age-group. In general, we recommend shoes that provide the player with good grip and support.

For Football players – Football kit, including shin guards, long socks and shoes are mandatory in the U-7, U-10 and U-16 programs.

Can my daughter play in Just For Girls?

The Just for Girls, is a football program, that was started because we noticed that girls were dropping out once they were about 9 years old. For children below 8, we strongly encourage them to play in the Learn to Play and Beginner Football classes. Girls above 8 can choose to play in the Core Football or Just for Girls program.

What happens when it rains?

As an outdoor sport, we are subject to the vagaries of weather. If the field or court is flooded, we will make all attempts to continue class in a covered area. All players continue to play in a very light drizzle. Class will be cancelled in the event of heavy or continuous rain, thunder/ lightning and if the court / field is flooded.

Under 6 and Under 7 Football – Players will stop playing if it is raining and we will move the children indoors. If it continues to rain, class will be cancelled and the child handed over to the accompany caregiver.

Football – Other Age Groups – We will stop play if it is raining hard or under stormy conditions. When play is stopped, we will do a fitness class in a covered area, if it is available.

Basketball – We will stop play if it is raining hard. When play on the court is stopped, we will do a fitness class in a covered area if it is available. If the court is wet, this poses a hazard to players, so we will do drills in drier / sandy areas

My child missed a class. Can (S)HE come another to make up?

Our classes generally run full. We will try our best to offer a make up class – please email us when you need to schedule a make up class. Please see make-up class policy in handbook for rules related to make-ups.

Why can't I talk to the coaches?

We maintain a high coach to student ratio – but our coaches are very busy throughout their time on field before, during and after the class. If you have a concern, please approach one of our field staff or call the management. Please also refer to the Policy Handbook for how to schedule an appointment with our coaches.

Why can't I take photographs?

Many parents have requested that their children not be photographed on field and that photographs not be shared. We appreciate that parents sometimes want to share pictures of their child’s action on field, but we have to respect the preferences of all parents. Please refer to the Policy Handbook for more details.

Can parents do some activity on the field?

As tenants of the location we run our classes in, we are bound by the rules of the location. Most often they are quite discouraging of parental sports/ exercise activities. Please refer to the Policy Handbook for more details.

Does Great Goals cancel classes / What is your holiday policy?

Great Goals reserves the right to cancel classes or programs. However, we do it only under exceptional circumstances.  We issue a calendar at the beginning of every term, where the scheduled holidays are communicated.

We may cancel a program at a particular venue if there are not enough children registered in it.

Class will be cancelled under the following conditions:

  • Weather conditions make the outdoor court un-playable or unsafe for the players.
  • The premises are required by the landlord for their purposes
  • Any other conditions that may compromise the safety of players and coaches

Great Goals has a break at the end of every term and new term dates will be announced well in advance for re-registration