Great Goals@Schools

Great Goals offers curated programs for schools that meet the schools objectives for the holistic development of the child.

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Beginning January 2018, Great Goals commenced twice-weekly football classes for our Primary School girls .We would like to thank the Great Goals team for their commitment and effort and expertise. The children are enjoying it enormously and we can already see a difference in confidence and focus levels. We hope to continue the partnership for years to come.

-Lady Nye Special School, Attached to Seva Samajam Childrens Home

A Montessori school wanting to introduce a ‘Sports Program’ for young children,meant that we as educators had to find a partner that has an ethos which is similar to ours……And Great Goals fit that bill perfectly.

They have been running their Great Goals@ Redwood program for two years at two Premises simultaneously. Their classes are  well organised, fast moving and with lots of activities to promote balance and agility. They believe that,focusing on skills will lay the foundation for techniques that will benefit children in the long run.

The coaches are supportive and enthusiastic, raising the bar for naturally talented children as well as gently encouraging those who are not naturally coordinated to achieve small milestones whilst trying to keep up with their peers. A big’ thank you to Great Goals from Redwood Montessori School.

The Great Goals programme for the Elementary children@Redwood Montessori School has
complemented the psychological needs of this age group not just by honing their skills but by
also instilling the need to collaborate and fostering the essence of being a team player. They
have designed their games and activities around this aim to encourage and help children to
come together as a team to achieve a common goal. Children love Great Goals and the
coaches are doing an amazing job training our children. Thank you Great Goals for your sincere
and painstaking effort.