Reach For The Stars

The Story of Great Goals Trust


We started Great Goals in 2013 on an inspiration. We were overjoyed by how wholeheartedly parents and children across the city embraced it. We ensured that our coaches emphasized socio-emotional and football skills, and our children excelled in local and national tournaments. But something was missing. We wanted every child who wanted to be a part of Great Goals to have access. We wanted to break economic barriers, close gender gaps, so that all children who love sports could play sports.


Great Goals Trust, our sports nonprofit, was established in 2018. We began on a small scale with an invited pool of donors, mostly family and close friends, to birth this program. We began by offering sponsorships for children from low income families through the Reach for the Stars program to be a part of Great Goals. We began the Just for Girls program for  girls who loved football. In addition to structured  football and basketball coaching, sponsorships cover uniforms, home and away match kits for team players, shoes, insurance, match fees,  medical support,and food and travel to matches. Children receiving sponsorships are never identified to their coaches or teammates, and have the same opportunities to participate and compete as other players. 


Through Reach for the Stars, we seek to Level the Playing Field. Literally. And how we do this is to

  • Provide training to players of all abilities
  • Provide access to platforms to push limits and intense training of players with advanced abilities by recruitment for I-league teams
  • Provide exposure and enjoyment of football in schools without access/ under-privileged / under funded schools
  • Encourage and inspire more girls to  participate in physical sports
  • We have sponsored 50  boys and  girls up until now. With your support we seek to reach hundreds of other underserved children who dream of playing football and basketball.


Read about our activities: Great Goals Trust Annual Report for 2019-20

Initiatives under Reach For The Stars

Sponsor a Player

Offer full or partial Scholarships to players – either on our teams or within our program. This scholarship will include:

  • Football or Basketball Training – provided by Great Goals. (provided free by Great Goals)
  • Full Playing Kit – which includes training uniform (2 sets), socks (2 pairs), shoes, water bottle, kit bag.
  • Match kit for players who are selected on the Great Goals team – which includes home and away kit, shoes, water bottle and  team kit bag.
  • Transportation to and from matches
  • Match fees, medical insurance and other expenses related to local and out station travel.
  • Board and Lodge for outstation games.
  • Food expenses for local games.
  • AIFF mandated testing.

Sponsor a School or Just for Girls Football program in a School for children with limited means

  • Football or Basketball Training – provided by Great Goals Coaches, 2 days a week. (provided free by Great Goals)
  • We will provide coaches and equipment
  • And where necessary provide shoes – either gently used or new.

If you would like to support any of these initiatives or make a donation to the fund please click below.