At Great Goals

In-House Leagues

Great Goals has been conducting leagues since January 2013 which is open to all Great Goals players. The league is an opportunity for players to show their qualities as leaders, team players and sportspersons. At the League’s conclusion, individual talent and sportsmanship is recognised and awards are distributed to the teams.

In these leagues, we observe a constant progress in our players. This helps to strategise our Long Term Player Development approach and philosophy.


Every year, we host the Great Goals Annual Football Tournament for academies to showcase their footballing talent. This is a professionally run event in an atmosphere of fair play and sportsmanship.

The tournament has  a league and knockout stage. All age-eligible Great Goals players can participate in this tournament.

Building Community

An important aspect of the Great Goals program is the emphasis on community. We are committed to our community, and we believe that it is essential to Great Goals. We actively strive to engage the parents, family, and friends of our players in our program. Every term, we host a “Bring a Buddy” day, in which all players bring a friend to a session. We also host a “Family Play Day”, in which parents and children play together.

AIFF Baby Leagues

In addition to our football tournament, we also hold city-wide Baby leagues, backed by the All India Football Federation.This league is run for a period of 3-4 months and provides a platform for players to display their talent and skills.

The Great Goals Schools Baby League in 2018 was the first Baby League in Chennai with participation from school teams in three age groups. The Great Goals Golden Baby League in 2019-20 had five age groups, with participation of  45 teams from academies in Chennai