Coach Speak – Sashang

Sashang has worked with Great Goals since August 2021. A Chennai boy he has played for his school and college teams. He has an undergraduate degree in Hotel Management. He is a trained dancer. After a short stint in hotel management, he decided to pursue his passion for football. He is part of the first Great Goals Internship cohort.

You chose to be a football coach because….?
Sharing your knowledge with the upcoming players is a great thing, I believe. There is a  lot of responsibility for you over there, and when it’s a sport you love it’s even more special.
Which is your favourite drill and why?
Rondos are always my favourite drill. We are free to express our skills in a rondo and it’s always fun and it gets better and better.
What is your favourite moment coaching a class?
When kids try doing a particular drill, some of them fail trying to do it, and I motivate them, and when I see them pushing themselves, that makes me want to teach them more.
What is your favourite thing about Great Goals?
It’s a place where you can share and take in knowledge. Whenever I go with any doubts to any of the coaches, they are ready to help me out. 
What gives you joy?
When I see kids having fun, forgetting everything in that one hour, that puts a smile on my face, and when I am able to contribute to their fun, it brings joy to me.
What’s your favourite tool to motivate a player?
Communicating positively. Whenever I give criticism, I make sure that it’s more constructive, so this motivates them.
Great Goals is….
…a good environment to work, share, and gain knowledge, and one of the best academies for bringing up good talents.