The Team – OLD

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[md_text fontsize=”14″ lineheight=”26″ css_animation_delay=”0″]Our coaches are young, energetic and passionate about football.

In Football, our coaching partner Turn Pro, is a Sports company which focuses on player development and sport development through training programs and events.  Turn Pro has been our coaching partner since our inception. All our coaches are also active players, playing for the many clubs in the Chennai league. Bhaskar K., the Director of Turn Pro is our head coach. He has previously represented Tamil Nadu State and Madras University.[/md_text][md_text fontsize=”14″ lineheight=”26″ css_animation_delay=”0″][/md_text][md_text fontsize=”14″ lineheight=”26″ css_animation_delay=”0″]Our Basketball coaches are all current players, who have played at the State and District level.  V Ceciline Michael Vino, our head coach is a FIBA certified referee. He has coached at Great Goals since our inception.[/md_text]


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