Great Goals Classes Online

This year has been truly unprecedented in terms of the impact of Covid-19. We’ve seen impacts on our physical, social and mental well being.

Great Goals is fully committed to the safety of our children, coaches, staff and to the community at large. We’ve gone online with our classes since March 2020 with periods of being fully online. When we’ve gone back to field it is with properly implemented SOPs and in keeping with government guidelines.

We recognise that more than ever, it is crucial for players to remain motivated, to continue training with the ball and to keep developing technically, physically and gaining game sense. We also have a focus on keeping the players interacting with each, because the social dimension of the sport is so crucial to mental well-being. We’ve worked hard to transform the on-field experience into our on-line classes. 

We’ve designed these classes to be active, interactive and focus on individual skills in small spaces, using easy household objects. Watch the videos below, to see how our team has made these classes productive, engaging and challenging.

Our Online Football classes focus on ball control, individual skills and game analytics.

Our Online Basketball classes focus on ball control and handling, individual skills and fitness.

The few months we had back on field – from November – April, we’ve seen the benefit of the online classes in a player’s ability to control the ball, in their confidence on the ball and in their thinking on field/ court. And players and parents seem to think so as well!

“ I could really see a lot of improvement in Aditi’s movement/ball coordination today. The offline classes seem to have given her the confidence! Thanks to the Great Goals team!” – Anupama, Parent of Aditi who has come online and on-court in 20-21.

But don’t just take our word for it! Experience the class yourself, by signing up for a trial.

We want our kids to eat better, sleep better and just be happier. And physical workouts help achieve this.

Science recommends that growing children get at least 60 minutes of  physical activity a day. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of keeping children and young-adults physically active. More than ever, exercise in young adults and movement in young children is NECESSARY for their mental well-being and to support immunity.  And physical workouts help achieve this.

We constantly endeavour to make our sessions more engaging and keep the momentum going. Our Family Play Day’s encourage active family time.

You can do this in the smallest of spaces, with simple household objects. We need to keep children and young adults moving NO MATTER WHERE! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space does one require for a Great Goals class?

A player needs a minimum of a  3sqft * x  3sqft area (any age group). Classes are planned specifically for small spaces, and the player will soon adapt.

How should the player be dressed?

Players should be in tights or shorts to comfortably run, jump, hop and kick. 

Are shoes required?

Shoes are optional for an indoors Great Goals class, but compulsory outdoors.

What are the requirements for an effective class?

  • If possible, the player should have a ball.
  • In the absence of a ball,  coaches will implement a drill that simulates ball movement and develops agility and strength. 
  • Drinking water should be handily available during water breaks. 
  • For running and dribbling exercises markers and obstacles may be required, for which a pair of socks and two plastic bottles need to be kept available.

How does one set up the camera?

  • During initial set-up,  please ensure that the player can be seen on the screen in entirety with a focus on the feet.
  • Please ensure the camera is fixed in one place. Books or suitable objects may be used to prop it up without a need to hold it.
  • Please mute the player audio during instructions and drills. Players are instructed to raise a hand in case they need to ask a question and perform a ‘thumbs up’  for confirmation.
  • Please rename the Zoom video window with the name of the player so as to make it easier for coaches to identify individuals in case of need. In order to do this, please click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the window and click Rename. 

What is the structure of the class?

Every class has a specific session plan based on the age group. 

  • Sessions last about an hour.
  • For a session set-up, it usually takes 3-5 minutes for players to join, greet the coach and the rest of the team, adjust the camera for optimum angle, and keep accessories readily available at hand.
  • Warm up that may include jogging, jumping, hopping or technical drills will take approximately 10 minutes.
  • Technical sessions  and skill development take about 30 minutes.  
  • The cooling down process lasts around  5-8 minutes.
  • Winding up the session will take about  2-3 minutes.

How many coaches are there in the classes?

  • Coach One leads a class and is responsible for verbal communication.
  • Coach Two presents visual demos that represent verbal instructions and information to make for easier understanding. 
  • Depending on the size of the class one or more extra coaches may be provided, while making sure players are not confused by hearing multiple voices. 
  • When possible, and assuming the availability of bandwidth and technical capacity, classes may be broken into smaller groups.

How do players develop when confined to small spaces?

Every week, the curriculum incorporates increasing levels of difficulty in both combination and cognitive skills. 

For example,during  our online classes in April and May we have completed: 

  • Over 20 individual ball and combination ball mastery drills
  • Over 10 different kinds of turns
  • Training ball receiving skills  with at least five parts of the foot
  • Three different kinds of passing techniques

The class is so designed that even though online, the player remains physically active with or without the ball for more than three fourths of the session. 

Does a parent need to be around the child during the sessions??

Our classes are designed to be easily comprehensible to players no matter the age. There might be distractions since they are at home. Parents are requested to facilitate the success of the session by:

  • Setting up the camera in a location that is free of distraction. 
  • Ensuring any device used  is charged to last the class duration. 
  • Letting us know of the child’s birthday, so we can make it special. 
  • Letting us know of any special needs, difficulties or discomfort your child may have so that the coaches are made aware and can  accommodate the same.