What we ACTUALLY Teach You On The Football Field

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What’s the image that stays in your head when you watch your child play a sport. It’s the joy, the laughter, the high-fives and fist bumps.  That’s the social aspect  – so important – that sport brings to your life, where you learn your life lessons. And we are working hard to bring that online.


While we are indoors with our classes, it’s important for children and young adults to connect to that sense of joy they experience when playing. We’ve tried very hard to transform that on-field experience online.  

In a Great Goals class, we have time dedicated to the techniques of the sport and to fitness and stamina. But importantly, there is also time dedicated to the social aspects. We encourage chatting with the coach, with each other. Our drills and session plan build in challenges, team events. We have quizzes and group analysis. And our coaches engaging and cheering the players on. Let’s strive to ensure some of the joy in these difficult times.