Muneer Sait

Mr. Muneer Sait, one of the outstanding hockey goalkeepers of his time, Muneer Sait was part of the Indian team that won the bronze in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico. For his work on field hockey, the International Hockey Federation awarded Sait the President’s Award in 2005. Hockey India inducted Sait as part of the five-member selection committee in 2009 and he is also associated with Squash Rackets Federation Of Tamil Nadu.

We send our warm wishes to Mr. Sait, who recently celebrated his 80th Birthday (May 2020).


Interview with Mr. Muneer Sait


What one word or phrase do you want people to associate with your name? 

 Olympic Medalist!



What is the quality in you that you think contributed most to you being a good sportsman?

 To work hard, enjoy the sport, and spend time on the sports field without neglecting your studies.



What will be your words of advice to young children who play sports?

 If you are talented in a particular sport, concentrate on it with encouragement from your parents and coaches. Do not neglect your studies.