Our Responsibility

The Great Goals Trust

Great Goals was founded in 2013 to teach children through sports. We believe that sport is a metaphor for life, and through sport, children learn problem-solving teamwork, leadership, respect, honesty, and perseverance. Very soon, we realized that there were barriers, economic and social, that prevented children from participating in Great Goals.

To remove these barriers, we began a series of initiatives in 2015 to promote sport at the grassroots. We began offering training scholarships, worked with low-income schools, and started the Just for Girls program to engage more girls in sports. We wanted every child who wanted to be a part of Great Goals to have access. We wanted to break economic barriers and close gender gaps so that all children who love sports can play sports. As the demand for these initiatives grew, we realized that they needed a separate focus to achieve scale.
That’s why we set up the Great Goals Trust in 2018. This non-profit arm of Great Goals seeks to give back to sport and society.
Since 2018, this has been the mandate and aim of the Great Goals Trust – to grow these initiatives that bring sports to less privileged groups and schools. We began on a small scale with a few donors, mostly family and close friends. In the year, 2019-20, we have grown the number of activities and donors, but this will remain a focus for the coming year.


  • Enable football and basketball training for those who cannot afford or access Great Goals through scholarships
  • Provide playing opportunities that enable a player to maximize and showcase their potential by organizing and participating in tournaments and leagues
  • Enable players of advanced skills to showcase their potential through state and national level platforms such as the I-League
  • Enable increased participation of girls in sports through developing programs such as Just for Girls
  • Partner with under-funded or under-resourced schools, clubs and organizations to offer year-round programs, camps and events