Our Story

Our Story

We’re often asked how or why we started Great Goals. We’ve been called various names: ‘soccer-moms’, ‘mom-trepreneurs’, ‘football housewives’. 

In 2013, as mothers to two football-obsessed boys, we were unable to find a suitable program for them that was structured, fun, safe and accountable. This inspired us to create our own program that would be about more than just playing football – it would help children learn that sportsmanship matters even more than sport. 

And thus, Great Goals was founded. 

From those humble beginnings we are now an organised, quality-conscious sports academy with players from ages 4-16, and have added basketball and multi-sport to our football program.

Our in-house ‘Great Goals League’ incorporated since inception, is based on the Little Leagues in North America, and is a favourite feature of the Great Goals term. Just for Girls’ football program was formed when we observed  girls dropping out of football around the age of ten.

Basketball program was added on in 2014 for those children who wanted an alternate team sport. Multi-sport was added for very young children to teach them the ABCs of sport- agility, balance and coordination.

Our sport specific programs focus on individual skills and teamwork. We offer rigorous, age appropriate, ability based training that allows every player to reach their highest potential.

As of 2018, Great Goals has been accredited by the All India Football Federation (AIFF).