Our Programs

Grassroots Coaching Program

For children between the ages of 4 and 15, Great Goals offers age-appropriate and ability-based football and basketball programmes. We follow the Long Term Player Development Approach (also called the Four Corner model developed by the English FA). Our training is based on an annual curriculum that is designed to ensure every player learns the most they can every term.



The primary objective of our U-4 program is to introduce young children to sports and make them comfortable on a sports field. We believe that at the age of 4, children are ready to understand basic instructions along with the ABCs of sport – Agility, Balance, and Coordination. These skills are developed through fun games that challenge children and help them grow individually as players. The skills developed through this program are transferable to other activities. By developing these skills we hope that they start to appreciate the value of sports.


At this age children love to play with the ball by themselves – our sessions are structured to ensure there are maximum touches on the ball through fun games. In this age group, we aim to ensure that the child gets to self-explore during the sessions with the guidance of our coaches and learn to love and play football.


In this age group, absolute mastery of basic ball control is the main goal. Every player should have confidence in controlling the ball and be familiar with the game’s fundamental mechanics, rules, and regulations. A greater emphasis is placed on gameplay, with small-sided games to enable players to control the ball in situations of pressure. This makes it possible for more time on the ball, which helps players gain confidence. To increase physical fitness, we also focus on agility, balance and coordination on and off the ball.


In this category, we focus on decision-making on the field through situational drills. Our drills focus on fundamental football skills and begin to emphasize positional and tactical play. We also focus on the increased speed of gameplay through tactical situations and fitness drills.


The basketball program is focused on developing basic coordination, sport-specific skills, and movement skills. The goal is for every player to be comfortable playing basketball and to engage with the sport in a meaningful way. There is an emphasis on drills and matches, which help improve ball mastery, passing, and shooting in a structured environment.

Our Basketball program is currently on pause.

Elite High Performance Coaching Program

Great Goals Trust has three Elite teams – Team U11, Team Sub-Junior/U-13 and Team Junior/U-15. Our objectives in running these teams have been:

  • To provide playing opportunities that enable players to maximize and showcase their potential by participating in tournaments and leagues
  • To enable players of advanced skills to showcase their potential through state and national level platforms such as the I-League

Our teams are based purely on merit and we select players from within Great Goals and from outside by holding regular selections. All players within the program are selected for their talent, effort and attitude on the field. And because we believe that affordability should NOT be a barrier to player participation in the program, we offer scholarships based on the means of the player. 

Our Elite / High Performance is structured around building competitive teams. Here, we focus on physical conditioning, technical mastery, and tactical play with increased player commitment. Our teams compete in city-level tournaments. 

Since 2018, Great Goals takes part in the All India Football Federation’s U15 (Junior) and U13 (Sub-junior) National Youth League.For academy players, this league provides the most intensely competitive environment. Each team member is chosen based on merit.

Great Goals Baby Leagues

Every term, we conduct an in-house league at Great Goals. This is open to all players from the age of 7 and is usually held in the last few weeks of the season. The league is an opportunity for players to showcase their skills, and grow as leaders, team players, and sportspeople. At the end of every league, awards are distributed to the teams and individual talent and sportsmanship are recognized.

Great Goals At Schools

Great Goals runs specially curated programmes in schools to help them achieve their goals for the all-round development of their students. These can include in-school or after-school football and basketball classes, developing school football and basketball teams, fitness programmes, and special camps.

Our partner schools :

American International School Chennai
Eureka Schools, An AID India Initiative
International Village School
Lady Nye School, Seva Samajam, A Unit of the Guild of Service
Muslim Women’s Association Girls School
Redwood Montessori School

Community Events

Every term, we host a “Bring a Buddy” day, in which all players bring a friend to a session. We also host a “Family Play Day”, in which parents and children play together. These are fun events, that families and players eagerly look forward to.

Online Classes

Ever since Covid-19 emerged, life has become unprecedented and unpredictable, leaving a negative impact on our physical, social, and mental well-being. At Great Goals, we innovated rapidly to go online with our classes in March 2020. We were possibly the first academy in the county to go online with LIVE football classes.

Once we got back to the field, it was with properly implemented SOPs and by adhering to government guidelines. We’ve worked tirelessly to transform the on-field experience into our online classes, designing them to be active, and interactive, and to focus on individual skills in small spaces using easy household objects. We also ensure that the players interact with each other because the social dimension of the sport is just as important.