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What was possible in a pandemic year during which fear and illness abounded? When contact was deemed dangerous? When all forms of physical sport were shut down from April – October? When schools were closed the entire 20-21 academic year?

We are so proud that the Great Goals Trust continued to make an impact by pivoting quickly to offer concurrent online sports instructions. This has been a very key contribution we have made this past year, by keeping all players, of all means engaged and active physically. We were among the first in the country to pivot to live and concurrent online sports instruction. We encouraged our scholarship players in football and basketball to come online. This was important, especially as many of the children had no means or access to any physical activity or an outlet for mental stress. This was not just necessary, but importantly, it helped us reached many children who would not have access to any physical activity.

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The Story of Great Goals Trust


We started Great Goals in 2013 in a moment of inspiration. Our coaches focussed on football and basketball skills as well as social and emotional development within a safe and structured environment. We were overwhelmed with the wholehearted response from parents and children across the city. Our players began to excel in local and national tournaments.


But something was missing!


From inception, our vision was that Great Goals should be accessible to all, regardless of economic, gender or social barriers. It has always been our firm belief that every single child who loves sports should play sports.


In pursuit of this aim, the Great Goals Trust was established in 2018 funded by  a small group of donors including family and friends. We began offering sponsorships for children from low income families through our Reach for the Stars program. The names of children receiving sponsorships are not revealed, and they have equal opportunities to participate and compete as any other player in the academy.


Through the Reach for the Stars initiative, we wish to level the playing field by :

  • Providing training to players of all abilities regardless of barriers
  • Providing intensive training of the more talented players who are selected on merit for our I-league teams
  • Providing access to under-privileged children in underfunded schools to play and enjoy football and basketball
  • Encouraging and Inspiring more girls to participate in physical sports

Together with the support of our well wishers, we hope to extend our outreach to those hundreds of other children who dream of playing football and basketball but lack the means to do so.


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Initiatives under Reach For The Stars

Sponsor a Player

Offer full or partial Scholarships to players – either for those on our teams, or within our program.

Full scholarship includes:

  • A Training program for Football and Basketball
  • A Complete Playing Kit – uniform (2 sets), socks (2 pairs), shoes, water bottle, kit bag.
  • A Match kit for players who are selected on the Great Goals team – home and away kit, shoes, water bottle and  team kit bag.
  • Transportation to and from local or outstation matches
  • Match fees and medical insurance
  • Boarding and Lodging for outstation games.
  • Food expenses for local games.
  • Cost towards AIFF mandated testing

Sponsor a School or Just for Girls Football program in a School for children with limited means

  • Football or Basketball Training – provided by Great Goals Coaches, twice a week.
  • Equipment will be provided

If you would like to support any of these initiatives or make a donation to the fund please click below.