Great Goals offers structured multisport, football and basketball programs designed for children in the age groups 4-16 that are fun and safe for children, and accountable to parents.


The primary objective of our MultiSport program is to introduce young children around the age of four to the concept of sport. Here the focus is on the fun and fundamentals of the ABCs – Agility, Balance and Coordination – along with basic instructions.‘ABC’ skills are developed through games which challenge and help children grow as players.


Football Programs are offered from ages 4 – 16 at the beginner, intermediate and advanced Skill Levels. Players are placed in
U6, U7, U9, U11, U13 and U16 age groups. The Team program caters to ages seven and up. The players are selected for the Team program based on a continuous evaluation by the coaches based on the four corner model( Technical, Tactical, Physical and Social/Psychological).


This program is offered for 7-16 year olds at the beginner and intermediate skill levels. In this program, players are trained to play the sport in age appropriate  U9, U11, U13 and U16 groups.

U6 Football

Intended for children who are interested in football, this program targets fundamental skills in a fun environment. The focus is on basic ball mastery that includes passing and receiving. Games which engage the children and make them more receptive to learning are the mode of instruction.

U7 Football

Intended for children who wish to engage with football in a fun environment while beginning to develop finer technical skills. This involves increasingly complex ball mastery, and directional movement on the ball. There is an increased focus on football-specific movements and agility, and teaching these skills through pressure-free engaging games.

U9/U11 Football

Intended for older children, the focus is on complete mastery of basic ball control. The goal is for every player to be confident on and with the ball, to absorb foundational mechanics, rules and regulations of the game. There is more game time involved through smaller sized teams, which allows for increased ball time and builds player confidence. Physical drills to improve fitness round off this program.

U13/U16 Football

Intended for this older age category, the focus is on decision-making on the field through situational drills that involve advanced football skills, positional and tactical play. Importance is given to increased speed of gameplay, tactics and fitness.

Just For Girls

Just For Girls is a program designed to empower girls who lack opportunities, but not the passion to play football. Often we hear girls saying “Our school doesn’t even have a girls football team” or “All the girls are playing basketball so I can’t play football”, and thus this program was born. This allows girls to indulge their love for the game and play it as a serious sport.

U9/U11 Basketball

Intended to develop basic coordination, sport-specific and movement skills. The goal is for every player to understand the fundamentals of basketball including rules and regulations of the game. There is a focus on games and drills in a fun environment.

U13/U16 Basketball

Intended to develop ball control. There is an emphasis on drills and matches, which improve ball mastery, passing and shooting in a structured environment.